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Sustainability Policy


Our attention to environmental, social, and economic responsibilities includes working within the law, being innovative, and demonstrating leadership on issues that are important to us, our stakeholders, and the sustenance of our business.  



· This policy forms part of Cosmo’s approach to deliver on the company’s sustainability initiatives.

· This policy is provided to assist employees, suppliers, and contractors to understand their responsibility to help deliver continuous improvements in Cosmo’s sustainability performance and to provide information to all stakeholders.



This policy shall apply to direct and indirect employees, customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders of Cosmo.



Cosmo takes a broad and long-term view of sustainability through informed and balanced decision-making processes, having in mind our sustainability objectives. This ranges from setting business strategies to delivering daily work activities. Being sustainable influences how Cosmo:

• Plans and delivers products to meet customers’ specifications.

• Employs people and manages their well being

• Purchases goods and services

• Engages with local communities and

• Manages our environment.


5.1  Seafood Sustainability 

Cosmo Seafoods recognizes and is committed to the important issue of seafood sustainability. It will work together with unity of purpose to preserve fishing and protect fishery resources and support all positive changes in the issue of seafood sustainability by working with international and local regulatory bodies. (Ref. Responsible Sourcing)


5.2  Occupational Health and Safety

Cosmo is committed to providing a working environment that seeks to protect the safety, health, and well-being of our employees, customers, contractors, and visitors. We believe all injuries and incidents are preventable and our aim is to achieve zero harm in the workplace through the implementation of Health and Safety programs and initiatives. Our commitment to Health and Safety is demonstrated through these four core values;

i. Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility

ii. Health and Safety is integral to the success of our business

iii. Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for

iv. Every accident can and should be prevented 


5.3  People

Cosmo is committed to offering employment opportunities to people from all walks of life. Our employment policies and management practices are consistent with local and international labor laws and aligned with employees' training and development, retention, and remuneration. Our commitment is demonstrated by the harmonious relationship with the local labor unions. This commitment goes beyond our employees to people in our supply chain lines by ensuring compliance to the BSCI Code of Conduct in employee management.


5.4  Sustainable Environment

Cosmo is committed to the responsible and sustainable management of our seafood business and activities from the sea to the final consumer through effective implementation of continuous improvement programmes and sound environmental and sustainable practices, taking cognizance of all current applicable legal and other requirements to which we subscribe to. We are committed to preventing pollution through our own internal environmental objectives and targets in our bid to continually improve our environment.  


5.5  Sustainable Community

Cosmo is committed to informed and balanced procurement decision-making processes that minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, support local communities, deal fairly and responsibly with our suppliers and value our people and customers.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is spearheaded by Cosmo Youth Power (CYP); a group of young and dynamic employees who are passionate about “Giving Back to the Community “ and are committed to ensuring the needs of the community is met. The group has made donations and conducted free medical screening for renowned orphanages within Tema and its environs.  


5.6  Corporate Governance

Cosmo is committed to sustainable improvement in its business performance and provision of shareholder value within the confines of laws of the land to ensure responsible management and conduct within the communities in which we operate, including respect of human rights. Cosmo is committed to integrity and transparency in conducting business and takes effortful measures to eliminate bribery and corruption through strict enforcement and adherence to our Code of Ethics policy.


To further drive home our goal of continuous improvement, Cosmo is subjected to annual Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) audits. We are registered member of Sedex and has over the years made significant improvement in our ethical standards (read more about our ethical audits on

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