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At Cosmo Seafoods, sustainability is a key component engulfed within our operational system. We understand the need for fluid traceability, eco-friendly techniques and the highest sensitivity to social and ethical compliance in our daily activities. Our core values enable us to align ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve effective and efficient sustainability within the company.

Sustainability Policy
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  • Always Our Priority

Responsible Sourcing

Our Commitment

As we are committed to the principle of sustainability when processing canned tuna and seafood products. As an exemplary tuna processing company, we recognize the impact we have in the seafood industry to implement optimistic change. Although we do our best to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest prices available, we have an obligation to sell our canned tuna products in an ethical and liable manner.

Our sustainability policy relates to all type of canned tuna products we offer. It is the responsibility of Cosmo’s supply chain department to guarantee that products follow our sustainability policy.

Cosmo management support the sustainability policy to be fully integrated into our operations. In this way, we can ensure that we only source our raw materials continuously from sustainable fishery as we target to achieve our sustainability goals.

Cosmo requires that all raw tuna fish in our canned products must be sourced from Pole & Line or Purse Seine fisheries. And all of the raw materials sourced must have verified catch information (common and species name, fishing grounds with fishing license, fishing method, port and date of landing, vessel names and authorization, flag state) and catch documentation is required(EUCC, EUR 1, Captain Statement, NOAA form 370, etc.). 

Although our sustainability policy confirms our commitment with our buyers to ensure we source our raw materials sustainably, we expect our policy to be developed and expanded over time. We seek to source sustainable raw material by concentrating on the following features: 

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